We have well equipped quality standard room with all quality inspection facility. We ensure high standards of quality systems. Quality check commences right from testing traces of defects in the raw material. Stringent dimensional inspection is meticulously carried out at every cycle and stage of manufacture to ascertain that the finished products are delivered without any flaw. We can always assert that there is not even a minuscule of variation in the dimensions of the products as required by our customers.

The finished products are not only manufactured as per the drawings, quality plan / specifications provided by our clients, but our technical experts also go a step ahead to suggest further improvements in the products. Process capability auditing is invariably carried out in-house by our quality engineers. We incessantly strive to reduce customers’ complaints targeting to NIL by constant improvement in quality and process technology. 

We constantly strive to produce components, which are highly sophisticated and their success lies, in the manufacturing process made by our engineers which determines the quality. Rigorous and systematic quality monitoring is the key to our Quality Assurance. We have in-house infrastructure for carrying out various tests such as hardness test, ultrasonic test (for raw material) / MPI test (for semi finished components)and all the necessary gauges and equipments.

Quality objectives : (AS per standard)

Maintained Aerospace Quality Management systems as per International Standard AS 9100 D form 2018.

ISO 9001 certified company since 2002.


Quality System Documents Structure

Quality System Documents Structure