Our phenomenal growth from a small machine shop to a VMC, CNC’s and CAD equipped setup is attributed to our commitment towards the superlative time and quality management which augur well to focus on customer satisfaction. Our VMC, CNC machinery alongwith its trained and qualified manpower facilitates to deliver products in a very broad spectrum; which includes jobs of Dia 12mm to 560mm and jobs of Length of 10mm to 2000mm. The raw material we use for the products include Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and various alloys of Aluminium, Steel, Tungsten Alloy, Copper, Brass and Titanium.

The processes include CNC turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, surface coating, phosphating and cadmium plating.  We carry out forging in Alloy Steel and Al. Alloy, the facilities which are available with our associate units.



  • Riveting of Aluminum skins with Rings using Aluminum Countersunk, Snap Head Rivets & Sealants, assembly used for aerospace application made with the help of Suitable fixtures, Riveting hammer & other accessories. Also Riveting of Titanium skins with Rings using Titanium Countersunk Rivets & Sealants.


  • Painting of Riveted assemblies, welding assemblies, Sub assemblies & other parts using special purpose paint (designed for aerospace application) with well established painting environment (Eco friendly)

     Wire Winding

  • Wire winding of material Aluminum on different types of critical shape shells.   

     Titanium machining of bars, plates.                                                        

     Tungsten machining of bars. 


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